These are some of the comments and thank-you notes we’ve received from happy customers.

I can’t begin to thank you for the service you have provided to me over the past two years by taking Karly in and making it possible for her to have everything she needed while I was able to take vacations or, in the case of this summer, be gone for an extended period due to my mother’s death. I truly don’t know what I would have done without you and Catnip Hill. Karly loved being there, she was very comfortable with you (making you part of a very small club), and she always came back better for the experience!” — Sandy, Madison

Before Catnip Hill, our cat got the usual fare when we went away — a cage next to many other cats. He is a strong male with an equally strong sense of territory and this did not sit well with him. Then we found Catnip Hill — now everything is fine and he enjoys the loving care and the wonderful private accommodations. We won’t go anywhere else (and neither will he).” — Gert and Ericia, Monona

Our cat, Tiger Lily, stayed with you in August, and we were very pleased. We could tell she loved it, because when we came to pick her up, she was happy to see us, but in no hurry to leave!” — Sandy, Verona

I just wanted you to know that Squeek is doing fine and is well adjusted back at home. Thanks again for providing such excellent care for our furry friends!” — Don, Madison

Having six cats, it can be a real imposition to have someone drop in to check on them. It’s been a true joy to know that there is a safe, comfortable environment where they are cared for beautifully! Our kitties love the windows to the woods — and they seem to always look better when we pick them up!” — Wendy and Roger, Janesville

Thank heavens for Catnip Hill. Bert and Rudy are well cared for and seem very happy ‘on their vacations’ there. I travel a lot and Catnip Hill has provided me with a sense of comfort and security for the ‘kids.’ I have highly recommended Catnip Hill to friends and co-workers.” — Tammy, Madison

Our cat Caesar has been staying at Catnip Hill for over two years. It’s a wonderful place: there are nice big rooms, birds to watch, brushing/playing, and there’s always someone to give him attention. I don’t worry about him when I’m on vacation. I highly recommend this place!” — Day, Madison

Finding a reliable caregiver for an elderly cat that needs twice-daily meds in precise doses and a complicated monitoring schedule is not easy, and Catnip Hill has been a godsend for my peace of mind and my Barney’s good health. He was not in a hurry to leave his beautiful window perch when I picked him up, and both his vet and I were impressed that his delicate condition had not at all deteriorated while I was away. Although he’s glad to be home and have the whole house (and my lap) to himself, I know Barney will be just fine with his next stay at Catnip Hill whenever I have to leave again.” — Judy, Sun Prairie

Catnip Hill gives us the reassurance that Evinrude does not do without while we are away. Her basic needs, food, water and a clean cat box, are attended to daily. The perks available to her are the best yet!! The window to the outside not only provides wildlife entertainment, but is screened to allow fresh air and has a very generous shelf to sun on. The screen door to the inside world keeps her up to date with the daily goings on, allows her to talk to the other guests, and the biggest perk of all — she hears us when we come back to take her home. Our ‘pet’ name for Catnip Hill is ‘The Kitty Spa’; it’s plain to see that Christine does a lot of pampering.” — Jeri, Janesville

Our cat Rocky has stayed at Catnip Hill several times over the past few years. We leave for vacation knowing he will be well cared for in our absence. The facility is clean, charming, and cat-friendly, and the staff are professional and clearly know each animal. Rocky is always glad to be home after his stays at Catnip Hill, but he is relaxed and happy after staying there.” — Jeff and Arianna, Cambridge

Dipstick does not like being left alone. She also hates to travel, but when the destination is Catnip Hill, she feels that the journey is worth it. At Catnip Hill, she receives the attention she craves, which includes personal time with Christine, play-time with her toys, and — from a discreet distance — interaction with other cats. She also has her own window to the woods full of small creatures that she would like to eat. Dipstick’s person can travel with a clear conscience because Dipstick is at Catnip Hill!” — Martha, Madison

For the past three years, I have taken my cat Ramsay to Catnip Hill whenever I go out of town. Every time she comes home both happy and healthy. I like knowing that while I am away she is in a very friendly place with excellent care and her own room and window. Catnip Hill is lovely, convenient, and affordable. I highly recommend it.” — Genny, Madison

I’ve been an extremely satisfied customer of Catnip Hill for many years. Christine is passionate about cats and she cares for each of them as if they were her own. The environment is beautiful and pristine, perfect for even the most discriminating kitty. Christine’s attention to detail and love of what she does never fails to give me peace of mind.” — Paula, Chicago

I was so glad to hear about Catnip Hill just as I was about to have knee surgery, and needed a place for my two cats to stay. The beautiful natural setting and the squirrels outside their very own window were a treat for them, and they had their own room to stay in together. One of my cats takes medication daily, which makes it harder for me to find in-home care for him, and I felt very safe leaving him at Catnip Hill. Thank you for taking good care of my boys!” — Susan, Middleton

Catnip Hill is wonderful and I knew the minute I walked in that my cat Eddy would be well cared for. He had such a nice room with a window to look out of which is much better than having him trapped in a cage. He will be visiting again with his new friend Rani and even though I will miss them, I know they will be safe and so looked after. It’s the best place to leave your cat.” — Sharon, De Pere

Catnip Hill is a great place! When my husband and I are traveling, it’s such a comfort to know that Molly and Minou are safe and well cared for. The rooms are great, complete with different levels of napping spots and lots of room for lounging by the window. It’s the next best thing to home!” — Emily & Jason, Madison

I’m very happy to recommend Catnip Hill. It makes leaving on a trip easy, knowing that Sirikit is receiving individual and kind attention in such lovely surroundings. She has space and can relax and look out her own window instead of being cooped up in a cage!” — Patricia, Madison

We have been boarding Domino, our elderly Calico, with Catnip Hill for almost three years. Christine always takes wonderful care of our dear old kitty. Domino loves the attention she gets when staying at Catnip Hill, and we always find her perched on her window ledge watching the birds when we come to pick her up at the end of our vacation. Knowing that we can have her stay at Catnip Hill brings us peace of mind while we are out of town, especially since she will be kindly and lovingly cared for. The setting and facility are peaceful and serene, and the care — and the price — could not be better.” — Adam and Anastasia, Monona

Thanks to Catnip Hill we don’t have to worry about Benny while we’re on vacation. We first boarded him at Catnip Hill 3 years ago. Even though it’s an hour drive, we wouldn’t go anywhere else. Benny is an indoor/outdoor cat and we wouldn’t feel comfortable confining him in a small kennel. But the rooms at Catnip Hill are wonderful and provide him with lots of space. He especially likes to lay on the window perch and soak up the sun. It’s clear that Christine has a real fondness for cats and we have complete trust in her care. Benny is relaxed and affectionate when we bring him home. We think that’s his way of telling us he enjoyed his stay at Catnip Hill.” — Susan, Belleville

Catnip Hill is a unique experience for both cat and owner. No wire cages and unhappy cats when we were there. All the cats were enjoying their rooms and the wonderful country view outside of their windows. It’s well worth the drive to get to Catnip Hill, just for your own peace of mind. We will definitely go there again if we need to board our cats.” — Vickie and Brian, Cambridge

Catnip Hill has been a perfect vacation spot three times to date for Sultana and Olivier when I go on vacation. They share a beautiful room with views of countryside and birds and come home exquisitely groomed. They obviously receive a lot of high quality attention from caring people. We highly recommend Catnip Hill for your feline family members.” — Judy, Milwaukee

It’s great to know that when I leave town I can take my cats to a place like Catnip Hill, and know that they are being cared for and checked on during the day — and if I’m wondering how they are doing, Christine is just a phone call away.” — Tim, Madison

“We love Catnip Hill! We had tried other resources to care for our cats while we were away on vacation but nothing gave us the peace of mind like Catnip Hill. Even when one of our cats was recovering from an emergency surgery, Christine provided such great care for her that we didn’t worry once.” — Amy, Madison

Knowing that your cat is being well cared for is a great peace of mind while you are on vacation. Kevin and I would like to thank you for providing us with that peace of mind. Claire lives with two dogs and I am sure that every time she visits Catnip Hill it is a peaceful retreat for her. Your passion for cats is very evident in the clean and comfortable rooms that you have created for them. We truly appreciate the wonderful care she receives as a guest at Catnip Hill.” — Debbie and Kevin, Madison

Catnip Hill is Zubu’s home away from home; it’s the only place we’ve ever felt completely secure about leaving her when we’re on vacation.” — Natasha and Nick, Madison