Going away?

Board your cat at Catnip Hill and travel worry-free!

We offer spacious private rooms (not cages or “condos”) in a peaceful, homelike, dog-free environment. When you board your cat at Catnip Hill, you can relax, knowing that your feline friend will be safe, content, and lovingly cared for while you’re away.

What makes Catnip Hill special?

fluffy-kitten-cropOur guests enjoy their own generous personal space throughout their stay. We don’t confine them in cages and periodically let them out into a common area, as many boarding facilities do. Each one of our five-by-six-foot private guest rooms has a large window with a window seat for soaking up the sun and watching birds, chipmunks, and other wildlife on our five acres of oak savanna. A generous “loft” provides a secure spot for lounging and napping. There’s plenty of space for your cat to walk around, stretch, jump, and play. And a chair lets us sit down and spend time petting, holding, or playing with your cat (or cats — we allow up to three kitties from the same family to share one room).

sign-3Our other cat-friendly features

There are no dogs at Catnip Hill and therefore no barking or canine odors, which greatly reduces stress levels for the cats. Our homelike building was designed to help our feline guests feel safe and relaxed. With its residential-style floors, walls, and windows, and its soothing, low-key atmosphere, Catnip Hill doesn’t look, smell, or sound like a kennel or a vet’s office. Windows and skylights let in sunshine and warm breezes, while during the colder months, the ventilation system provides fresh air without causing drafts or chills. A unique floor plan lets us see, hear, and talk to all our guests from the kitchen, so we always know who needs a chin rub or a snack. Our country setting offers great wildlife viewing opportunities – frequent visitors include chipmunks, fox squirrels, deer, wild turkeys, and a variety of songbirds. Special access doors in each guest room allow frequent litter scooping, which keeps your cat clean and comfortable. Freshly picked homegrown catnip is offered to all guests from April through November. (Catnip Hill really is on a hill, and we really do have lots of catnip.)